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As innovators of the U.S. cruise industry, American Cruise Lines has an obligation to protect the environments in which we travel through socially responsible and eco-friendly practices. For decades we have constructed our 100 to 200-passenger ships with a “green” forward approach, building the most environmentally friendly fleet of American riverboats and small cruise ships in the US.

From the waterways we cruise to the partners we support and the port cities we visit, we pride ourselves on our continual conservation efforts through emissions reduction, sustainable sourcing, onboard recycling program, and strategies to reduce water and energy consumption. The areas in which we cruise are some of the country’s most pristine. We are committed to keeping them that way for generations to come. When you choose American Cruise Lines, you’ve made a choice to cruise green.


Minimized Carbon Footprint

Our fleet runs on the most efficient engines in the industry, designed to reduce pollution and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Exhaust scrubbers and advanced electronic controls contribute to our carbon reduction.


Biodegradable Products

Proper management of onboard waste is critical to environmental welfare. A variety of biodegradable products are available aboard every riverboat in our fleet, including shampoos, soaps, and cleaning supplies.


High Emissions Standards

American’s series of contemporary riverboats meets new emissions standards set by the EPA. Engines and generators are EPA Tier 4 compliant and use modern technologies for exhaust after-treatment.


Less Plastic

Single use plastic has been replaced with reusable dishware and water bottles where possible. In other areas, it has been replaced by biodegradable materials and recycled paper products.


Setting Industry Standards

Unlike older ships, which are largely exempted from new regulations, our fleet of new US riverboats has advanced wastewater treatment systems which are compliant with the most stringent industry standards.


Culinary Sustainability

American Cruise Lines has a commitment to culinary sustainability, sourcing ingredients from the local communities we visit. This includes both farm to table initiatives and a commitment to consider responsible practices such as the Seafood Stewardship Index.


Modernizing our Fleet

American uses low-energy LED lighting throughout the ship as well as EPA Energy Star equipment to reduce overall onboard energy consumption. This means both less energy consumed and less electricity generated.


Community Support

American Cruise Lines contributes to charitable programs that support the areas and communities we visit. These programs range from helping reduce hunger to educating children about our responsibility to the sea.

30 Years of Cruising Green

Join us on our quest to not only explore the great waterways and port cities of America, but to take care of them as well.

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Operational Efficiency

Advanced route planning techniques and rigorous officer training standards ensure that we minimize our impact on wildlife and work with, rather than against, the tides to move efficiently and quietly throughout the country. We minimize route miles and operate slowly, often overnight, to further reduce emmissions.

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